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VAT Relief On Godiva Wigs

Can I claim back the VAT on Godiva Wigs? 

You can claim the VAT back on your wig purchase (currently at 20%) if you have alopecia, you are currently receiving chemotherapy treatment, chronically sick or have a disabling condition, which has been confirmed by a consultant at the hospital.


We must receive a copy of the wig voucher you have been issued by the consultant; this is normally in the form of a letter with a voucher number.  HC2 or HC3 forms do not qualify.


You can claim the VAT back on as many wigs as you wish to purchase.


You will be asked to sign an eligibility to VAT Relief wigs document on the day of your purchase, this is a personal declaration to the HMRC. These documents are sent to the HMRC for approval.


We advise you to not make any false declarations to the HMRC, as prosecution and fines can be charged against you.  

If you need clarification on your eligibility please make contact with your local GP Practice.  For further advice please view the HMRC website:

You can also call 0300 123 1073 to clarify.

Which Godiva products can I claim VAT relief on?

HMRC only provides VAT relief on purchased wigs and hairpieces.  VAT cannot be reclaimed on wig accessories, e.g., caps, wig blocks, wig straps, scarves, headgear, shampoos, conditioners, products for grooming combs or brushes. 

How much is VAT relief?

Currently 20%

The amount of VAT relief is the cost of the original price of the wig minus the VAT element.

Therefore, if you purchased a wig for £200, the VAT element is £33.33, therefore the cost of the wig purchase without the VAT is £166.67.

Please do not get confused by taking the 20% discount off the £200.

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